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What are the advantages of envelope machine products?

Release time:2017-05-31   Focus on the number of:

What are the advantages of envelope machine products? The machine has high efficiency and easy adjustment, which is the ideal equipment for processing large quantities of continuous and small batch envelopes. Product development is advancing with The Times, and through constant reform and innovation, product scope of application is very extensive, the current products use a lot of industries, brought great convenience to human beings. Here is an introduction to related knowledge of the product:

Envelope machine technical parameters:

Maximum working speed: 12000pcs/h

Chinese style: 90 times 100-324 x 229mm. 90 times 100-230 times 160mm

Adapt paper: 80-200g/m2

Power capacity: 4.5 kw

Machine weight: 1500kg

Size: 3950x 1000x1250mm

What are the main applications of envelope machines? The birth of the products make human life more convenient, with the development of science and technology innovation constantly, products are constantly updated, now products have been applied to all walks of life, was deeply loved by people. But now, manufacturers of manufactured goods are everywhere, so you need to make sure that you know when you buy.